The WHB is now the THB

In 2013, we founded the Women’s Harmony Brigade to provide opportunities for women to participate in a brigade style event.  At the time, the US Harmony Brigade organization could not allow women to participate because of their affiliation with the Barbershop Harmony Society and organizational rules that required participants to be a member of the BHS or another affiliate.  That rule prevented women from participating in the existing organizations, so we started our own.

Several years later, mixed harmony brigades were started overseas with great success and following the implementation of Everyone in Harmony, a Mixed Harmony Brigade was founded in the US and at least one of the existing Brigades opened their doors to include all genders. We applaud those actions and are happy that people of all genders can participate in this great pastime. 

The WHB was created to include women in a subsection of the barbershop network that was not available to us, but we have come to realize that there is more we can do to ensure that all singers have a space to brigade in.  With that in mind, the Board has decided to open the doors to our events to all who are interested and able to sing arrangements in treble voiced ranges. To solidify this change, we are rebranding the organization the Treble Harmony Brigade, which we believe better represents the organization we want to be.


Please join us at our new website or our Facebook age at for information about our organization and future events.