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If you are a passionate, experienced & competitive female barbershop harmony singer and you yearn for challenging quartet singing opportunities with a network of

like-minded women,

the Women's Harmony Brigade

may be for you!

What is a Harmony Brigade?

A brigade is a fun-filled weekend of non-stop quartet singing and quartet partner switching.  Participants learn a common repertoire of challenging songs arranged in the barbershop style and arrive fully prepared and ready to sing with whoever asks all weekend long.  Each participant receives a "dance card" upon arrival and will, over the course of the weekend, attempt to sing with EVERY participant in quartet formation.


The 2020 event, which will be held July 31 - August 2 at the Renaissance Orlando Airport in Orlando, Florida, also includes 2 rounds of competition where participants are assigned to a quartet by random draw and sing songs assigned from the Brigade repertoire (also assigned by random draw), performances at several senior living facilities near the hotel, and a Saturday night show featuring our top 3 contest medalists & other ensembles formed from the Brigade ranks as well as this year's celebrity guests, Viva Quartet!


Your registration fee of $375 covers 2 nights, double accommodation at the hotel, Friday night buffet dinner, Saturday breakfast & dinner, Sunday morning breakfast, as well as sheet music and learning tracks for the annual repertoire.  If you prefer a single room with no roommate, the fee is $500.  


Who can attend a Women's Harmony Brigade event? 

While the Brigade is not for beginners, you don't have to be an International Champion either ~ just committed to being 100% prepared on all repertoire selections and able to hold your own in a quartet amidst distractions. Music & Learning Tracks will be distributed 4 months prior to the Brigade weekend and should be fully memorized prior to arrival


First time attendees must complete a Prospective Participant Application form, which is available on this website starting December 1st of each year.  Applications will be reviewed by the Registration Committee and invitations to participate will be sent to Prospective Participants and prior year participants starting January 2nd.


If you're looking for something new & different to spice up your barbershop hobby, this is the event for you!


Have more questions?  Email us at womensharmonybrigade@yahoo.com




What people are saying about the WHB


From its conception I've wanted to be a part of the fun at WHB, but our quartet calendar ALWAYS got in the way! This year I was open AND invited to take part as one of the guests! I had SO much fun getting to know so many singers from all over; different Regions, different organizations, different ages, different backgrounds, but one love.... the love of four part harmony barbershop singing! My favorite part was probably "giving it back"... arrangements are made for the groups to sing at local senior centers and to see the faces light up as you sing music from their era, it just filled my heart to overflow. Thank you for an experience I won't soon forget!


Leslie Wodday Shoenhard

Lead of Signature Sound

2000 Sweet Adelines International Queens of Harmony


Lead of MAXX Factor

2011 Sweet Adelines International Queens of Harmony



Harmony Brigade! Wow. Met and sang with so many enthusiastic barber-shoppers - it was a blast!


Corinna Garriock

Tenor of Martini

2012 Sweet Adelines International Queens of Harmony


Well, I expected to have a great time participating in the very first Women's Harmony Brigade, but I had NO idea what an amazing experience it would be.  It was absolutely fabulous from beginning to end, and I miss all my new friends already...Trust me, you want this on your calendar for next year


Jennifer Cooke

Director, Scenic City Chorus (Sweet Adelines International)



This is one of the most amazing things I have done in my life... EVER! If you LOVE everything about barbershop and want to share that harmony alllll weekend long with many many talented women, then you simply HAVE to go to Women's Harmony Brigade!!


Pam Ringo

Director, Prospective Coast Voices Chorus (Harmony Incorporated)



Amazing experience. I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to do it again.


Mona Carol

New Jersey


Just arrived home and am so gloriously exhausted that I can hardly type.  Thank you to each and everyone I sang with!  It was a weekend of pure bliss!


Dana Dunlevy

New Jersey

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